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Press Releases 09/05/2023
The joy of piano music at Henry Dunant Hospital Center
How often does one come across a piano on Mesogeion Avenue? Recognizing the multiple health benefits of music, Henry Dunant is participating in Piano City Ath…
Press Releases 05/05/2023
World Hand Hygiene Day: A grand alliance at the Henry Dunant
The World Health Organization’s (WHO) activities in our country for World Hand Hygiene Day will culminate on Friday 5 May 2023, with a central event at the Henr…
Press Releases 03/05/2023
Henry Dunant Hospital Center maintains the JCI Gold Seal of Approval for another three years
The Henry Dunant Hospital Center has been re-accredited for the second consecutive three-year period by Joint Commission International (JCI), following reaffirm…
Press Releases 03/05/2023
A “Bridge of Life” by Henry Dunant with an organ donation to four patients
A long “bridge of life” was set up today in the early morning hours between Athens and Thessaloniki for four people, starting from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)…
Press Releases 20/03/2023
"HEROES AND SYMBOLS": A topical art exhibition at the Henry Dunant
The management of Henry Dunant, wishing to highlight the multilevel nature of treatment and healing, is hosting an art exhibition on the occasion of the celebra…
Press Releases 15/03/2023
Lung cancer: Henry Dunant in a global study with positive results
We are particularly proud to announce that the Director of the 4th Oncology Clinic Mr. Ioannis Mountzios, was one of the three Greek physicians who participated…
Press Releases 03/02/2023
Precision ultrasound imaging with the latest generation endoscopic ultrasound
In accordance with the standards of the most specialized centers abroad, and with the aim of safer and more effective imaging examinations, as well as the early…
Press Releases 19/12/2022
The first state-certified Sleep Study Center in Greece
The first and only state-certified Sleep Disorders Laboratory-Center in Greece is now operating at the Henry Dunant Hospital Center, confirming the high level o…
Press Releases 02/12/2022
A pioneering program on multi-resistant infections
A major public health concern in the post-COVID era is the emergence of a global epidemic of infections caused by pathogens with increased antibiotic resistance…
Press Releases 05/10/2022
We present to you the Elite League Henry Dunant!
A2 Men’s league is renewed. The presentation of the Elite League Henry Dunant—as it will be called from now on—took place on Wednesday afternoon (5/10) at the m…
Press Releases 20/09/2022
Henry Dunant: 1st Multidisciplinary Panhellenic Conference “Bridging the levels of care”
Henry Dunant Hospital aims to create a scientific tradition and to highlight all the latest scientific developments and innovations in the field of Medicine,…
Press Releases 16/09/2022
Free credit-awarding training program 2022-23
Once again, this year, the Scientific Committee of the Henry Dunant Hospital Center has designed and implements—with free participation—a comprehensive, high-qu…
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