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Press Releases 22/07/2022
A New Era in Private Health
(”IMITHEA”), owner of the HENRY DUNANT hospital, announces that it has reached an agreement in principle for the absorption of EUROMEDICA Group, with the aim of…
Press Releases 13/05/2022
Henry Dunant: New ways for heart disease surgical treatment of elderly patients
More than 50% of serious heart diseases in the elderly, which three decades ago were considered unresectable cases, are now amenable to effective surgical tr…
Press Releases 14/03/2022
Henry Dunant: Clinical Genetics & Genetic Counseling Clinic with the seal of Professor Konstantinos Stratakis
Aspiring that it will be setting a new milestone on its successful path, the Henry Dunant Hospital Center has created and operates a Clinical Genetics & Gen…
Press Releases 12/01/2022
The Hellenic Olympic Committee and Henry Dunant Hospital Center together again on the road to Paris 2024
The Hellenic Olympic Committee and Henry Dunant Hospital Center are still together on the road to the Olympic Games of “Paris 2024”. The renewal of HOC’s collab…
Press Releases 11/01/2022
The Lillian Voudouri “Ergastiri” at the Henry Dunant.
On Tuesday, 11 January, HDHC welcomed the children of the Association of Parents and Guardians of people with Intellectual Disability “The Lilian Voudouri Ergas…
Press Releases 17/12/2021
Hernia Center of Excellence: 27th Special Seminar
The 27th 2-day Special Seminar on the most advanced methods of surgical hernia repair was held under the general coordination of the Director of the 1st Departm…
Press Releases 29/11/2021
Henry Dunant at the 6th Palamidi Castle Run
The 6th Palamidi Castle Run took place in Nafplio on Sunday, November 28. It is the only race of this kind in Greece, during which the athletes must first climb…
Press Releases 20/10/2021
Honorary distinction in the field of research to HDHC’s 1st Department of Gastroenterology
The leading gastroenterology journal “Gastroenterology” hosted in its August 2021 issue the multinational and multicentre paper of Mr. Theodoros Rokkas, Directo…
Press Releases 11/10/2021
“We do not have specific antiviral drugs that are good for every patient. Our big shield is vaccination” Keynote speech of Alternate Minister of Health, Mina Gkagka, at the Educational Program of Henry Dunant Hospital Center
Mrs. Mina Gkagka, Alternate Minister of Health, Professor of Pulmonary Medicine, was a keynote speaker at the “Prevention, diagnosis and treatment protocols for…
Press Releases 05/10/2021
3rd World Company Sport Games with the seal of HDHC
The Henry Dunant Hospital Center is putting its own seal on yet another major event, by taking over the medical coverage of the 3rd World Company Sport Games, w…
Press Releases 02/10/2021
Olympic champion Lefteris Petrounias underwent shoulder arthroscopy at the Henry Dunant HC
The Olympic champion in gymnastics, Lefteris Petrounias, underwent shoulder arthroscopy performed by the director of the 6th Department of Orthopedics of the He…
Press Releases 30/09/2021
Henry Dunant praised at the launch event of the new credit-awarding educational program
The launch event for the credit-awarding educational program organized by the hospital for the period 2021-22 ended today with former Deputy Minister of Health…
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