Services Provided


ATMs of Piraeus Bank and Alpha Bank are located on the ground floor.


Henry Dunant Hospital Center features a parking lot with 200+ spaces. Parking is located on the second basement (-2) and operates on a daily basis from 6:00 to 22:00

Charges for parking are as follows:

First 2 hours: 7€

Next 2 hours: 2€

4 hours +: 1€ per hour

Maximum charge during weekdays: 14€ per day (00:00-23:59)

Saturday/Sunday/Holidays: 8€ per day

Upon your entrance:

  • Press the button on the entrance control machine for a ticket.
  • Keep the ticket for the duration of your stay at the hospital.


Upon your exit:

  • Head to one of the automatic payment stations located in the parking lot before you get to your car.
  • You can pay by cash or with credit card.
  • Keep the paid ticket and drive to the exit.
  • Insert the ticket into the exit control machine, and the barrier will automatically open.

Restaurant - Cafeteria

A modern restaurant & cafeteria can be found on the ground floor next to the main elevators. The restaurant has a wide variety of freshly prepared meals on a daily basis. The meals available cater to all dietary needs and requirements, even those with specific meal requirements such as vegans and diabetics. The daily menu options stem from the philosophy of the Mediterranean diet with meals such as, home cooked food, grilled dishes, meat, fish and fresh vegetables. All prepared daily and using only pure olive oil. 

Further to the above, you can choose from a wide range of snacks and sandwiches, freshly cut salads, desserts, multiple coffee options, beverages and freshly squeezed juices.

The Restaurant & cafeteria is open on a daily basis from 6.00 am - 10.00 pm

Wi-Fi connection

In most areas of the hospital there is an unlimited free Wi-Fi connection for patients and for visitors (select the Patients network).
Wifi terms of use.


A small Orthodox church named “Panagia Giatrissa” is located outside the main hospital building adjacent to the Emergency Department. It was built as a donation to the hospital from the Tsaldaris family. It is frequently visited by patients and relatives to perform their religious duties or just to light a candle. The priest of the church celebrates mass on all big religious holidays so that patients, staff and visitors can participate. The priest is also available as to provide support, consultation or service whenever patients and their families need him.