Admission process

Scheduled admission

At least an hour prior to your scheduled admission, please report to the Patient’s Admissions Desk (located on the ground floor) bearing with you the identification / documents required and ensure you can provide the requested information outlined below:

  • ID card or passport
  • The below documentation is only required by Greek citizens or foreign residents employed in Greece:
  • Public Insurance Health Book, which will remain at the patient’s accounting department until your discharge.
  • Tax Identification Number (AFM), Your Local Tax Office (DOY), Social Security Number (ΑΜΚΑ). If you are not the main policy holder but a dependant member such as wife, children, you must provide the Social Security Registration Number (AMKA) of the main policy holder.
  • If you hold a private insurance program, you will require your contract number and the terms and conditions of your policy.
  • In order to proceed with your admission, a deposit is required. If you are a holder of a private insurance policy, a deposit is not required.
  • Any previous medical tests relevant to the cause of your admission or necessary for the surgical procedure for which you are admitted in.
  • If your coverage is by EDOEAP (Mutual Health Fund of the Journalists) or The Bank Of Greece, you also need an admission ticket from your insurance provider. For your convenience, the admission ticket can also be submitted during your hospitalization.
  • If you are a patient of the Oncology Department, an admission office operates, on the 4th floor, in front of the ODC Unit.
  • Also, admission office operate at the Department of Oral Pathology and Maxillofacial Surgery, (ground floor) and the Lithotripsy Unit (first basemed).


Emergency admission

For your admission, please proceed to the Emergency Department (ED) located on the ground floor.All the above documentation and information is required. However, due to the urgency of the situation you may submit the above within the following 24 hours.Parking is not allowed in the ED area. Cars may enter only to pick up or drop off patients.


Completion of the admissions procedure

For your assistance your physician’s secretary or another authorized staff member will accompany you to:

  • The patient’s accounting department (ground floor), for the required deposit payment. (if you hold a private insurance program, a deposit is not required)
  • The insurance company office (ground floor) in order to report your admission.
  • The Preoperative Assessment Department (-1) for assessment.  If you are admitted during the weekend, preoperative assessment is performed at the Emergency Department.
  • Your ward, after completion of preoperative assessment.


Important notice

Please be advised to avoid having valuables with you. However, if you have personal items that need to be stored (mobile phone, laptop, e.t.c) please contact the Henry Dunant Hospital Center’s Security Department, for their safe storage.