Infectious Diseases Stewardship


The management of infections in a modern hospital includes a series of measures that contribute not only to the right treatment of patients with infectious diseases, but also to the protection of the hospital area from infectious diseases transferred to the institution by the staff, patients or visitors to the hospital’s ER.

For these reasons, a network of actions has been created at the hospital for the protection, prevention and fight against infectious diseases, which is called Infectious Diseases Stewardship in Healthcare Providing Facilities.

The Infectious Diseases Stewardship program (ID Nosocomial Stewardship) includes actions at three different levels: a) actions in the hospital’s Microbiology laboratory (Lab Stewardship), b) actions regarding the rational use of antibiotics (Antibiotic Stewardship), c) actions of infection control and prevention (Infection Control Stewardship).

Today, the mandatory implementation of the three sub-programs is required in order for a hospital to become certified by international valid certification organizations, such as JCI (Joint Commission International).

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Director: Saroglou Georgios


The overall action of all the aforementioned programs helps to fight and prevent infections within the hospital, reduces the risks and the adverse developments that arise from the complications of infections, and makes Henry Dunant Hospital Center comparable to Units abroad that use the above overall program.

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