Discharge Process

Your Treating Physician will decide on which day you will be discharged from Henry Dunant Hospital Center.On the day of your discharge, you or your escort will be asked to visit the Patient Accounts Office on the ground floor to settle your financial obligations and to receive your notice of discharge.

If you are a patient of the Oncology Department, a Patient Accounts office operates for your convenience on the 4th floor for one-day clinic.

The same applies if you are a patient of the Department of Oral Pathology and Maxillofacial Surgery or the Lithotripsy Unit. In both of these Departments there is an independent Patient Accounts office which operates for your convenience.Repayment of your hospitalization can be done in the following ways:

  • Cash 
  • Credit card (except Diners & American Express) 
  • Debit card 
  • Personal check 
  • Bank check 

If you are a policyholder of an insurance company non-contracted with Henry Dunant Hospital Center, you can use a 40-day bill of exchange, while at the same time you must provide your ID card as well as the ID card of an adult accompanying you.

If you or your escort are unable to visit the Patient Accounts office, an employee of the Accounts office will come to your room and assist you with the procedure.

The Patient Accounts opening hours are:

Monday to Saturday  08:00 – 17:00

For more information on medical service charges, you can visit the Patient Accounts office at the aforementioned working hours or contact the office by phone at 210-6972390.


Copy of Medical Record

You can receive copies of your Medical Record after signing your notice of discharge. Copies can be received within three (3) working days of the relevant request to the General Secretariat located on the 1st floor.You or your representative can receive copies of your Medical Record. You can receive your copies by demonstrating your Identity Card. In the event that your Medical Record is being picked up by your representative, relevant authorization validated by a Police Department or by a Citizen Service Center (KEP) must be provided. The patient's Medical Record contains highly confidential and private information and all details contained are classified as Sensitive Personal Data and are treated as such.


Leaving Henry Dunant Hospital Center

If, on the day of your discharge, there is no relative or a friend to take care of your transfer our staff will arrange for your transfer by calling a taxi. On the other hand, if your treating physician deems it necessary you may be transferred by an ambulance of the Henry Dunant Hospital Center.