Pulmonary Medicine

The Pulmonary Medicine sector, featuring two Departments and specialized Laboratories for Sleep study, Smoking Cessation, Bronchoscopy and Ergospirometry, it covers all pulmonary related cases.

Experienced and well-trained scientists diagnose, treat and repair, with the aid of most modern diagnostic methods and instruments, the various pulmonary conditions and diseases of patients who present to the departments.

1st Department of Pulmonary Medicine

The department is active in all areas of modern pulmonary. Besides the hospitalization of serious cases, it provides primary care and conducts all respiratory tests.

Phone:(+30)2106972140 Call Center:(+30)210-6972000



3rd Department of Pulmonology

The Henry Dunant Hospital Center’s 3rd Department of Pulmonology, staffed with high level and well-experienced scientific staff, covers the entire spectrum of modern clinical and interventional pulmonology.

Phone:(+30)210-6972618 Call Center:(+30)210-6972000