Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

The Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is a technically modern and scientifically experienced rehabilitation unit for the management and treatment of post-traumatic and post-operative conditions. It offers excellent physiotherapy services to all hospitalized patients of the orthopedic, neurological, neurosurgical, pulmonary, cardiac surgery, cardiology, internal medicine and other departments, as well as to the Intensive Care Unit. Our priority is always to provide the best rehabilitation - physiotherapy services, in close collaboration with treating physicians.

Telephone: (+30)210-6972329

Call Center: (+30)210-6972000


Scientific staff

The department is staffed by 12 physiotherapists as follows:

  • Polyzos Christos, physiotherapist (head of planning, training and development)
  • Apostolopoulos Nikolaos, physiotherapist
  • Christophili Myrto, physiotherapist 
  • Giannopoulou Kleopatra, physiotherapist 
  • Kyriakopoulou Efstathia, physiotherapist 
  • Naki Marina, physiotherapist
  • Ntalambira Konstantina, physiotherapist
  • Politi Maria-Afrodite, physiotherapist 
  • Petratos Dimosthenis, physiotherapist
  • Papastamos Theodoros, physiotherapist assistant
  • Valasiadis Georgios, physiotherapist
  • Zigkiri Eleni, physiotherapist 


The department's equipment is harmonized with the latest generation of physical medicine-physiotherapy machines and includes:

  • ultrasound devices
  • Laser devices
  • diathermy devices
  • microwave devices
  • electrotherapy devices
  • electric massage devices
  • 2 CPM (machines for postoperative rehabilitation of total knee replacement)
  • parallel bar
  • Stall bar (wall bar)
  • quadriceps strengthening device

Medical Staff