Nursing Service

Our mission is:

To provide safe, personalized and comprehensive top-quality nursing care to our patients. In order to achieve the best possible patient’s satisfaction, we are constantly improving and developing our skills, according to contemporary scientific indications and in line with the principles and methods of nursing science. Last but not least, we closely follow the international standards regarding patient safety and quality.


Our Aims are:

  • Man at the center of nursing care.

The provided nursing care is focused on the safe and complete coverage of the needs of patients and their environment. We are strongly committed to offer top quality care to every single patient without exceptions.

  • The safety of our patients and employees is our priority:

According to the provisions of International Organizations and Standards of Quality and Safety in healthcare, patient safety is the top priority. The safety of our employees is also a main priority. Thus, with systematic implementation of training programs for the hygiene and safety of workers, we ensure a safe working environment in the hospital.

  • The continuous education and development of our nursing staff:

We promote a stable and continually improving work environment, encourage the development of nursing professionals through career opportunities and continuous improvement and promote new knowledge and innovation across the spectrum of medical and nursing science.


Nursing Staff

The Nursing Services Directorate provides to all medical departments and units qualified, experienced and dedicated nurses with the necessary qualifications and expertise.

Moreover, the nursing services directorate operates in accordance with national legislation and follows modern training and specialization guidelines relevant to their field and the needs of their workplace.

Although possessing valuable and reliable knowledge and experience, our nursing staff is constantly improving and developing their skills with a regular follow up of new applications and methods and by closely studying and following the international advances in medical and nursing Sciences.


24 hour Nursing Supervision Office

Our 24-hour Nursing Supervision Office fully covers the nursing and administrative needs of the hospital on weekends and holidays, as well.

The purpose of its operation is to supervise the uninterrupted and safe care to the patients and their relatives and to coordinate the smooth operation of its individual departments on a 24-hour basis. It follows and immediately resolves management or nursing issues that arise, in direct communication and cooperation with the shift’s coordinator physician.


Office of Clinical Training & Education

The continuous and targeted education and training of nursing staff is a top priority. It includes theory application in daily practice through specific on-the-job training programs.

It organizes and implements annual programs of continuing education and training in the following categories:

1) Organization and implementation of educational programs under the responsibility of the nursing and medical Service at the Henry Dunant Hospital Center’s amphitheater.

2) Organization and implementation of specialized programs in cooperation with external institutions.

3) Nursing training in special seminars on quality assurance.

4) Scientific co-operation with national and international organizations & pan-Hellenic and international scientific conferences


Infection Control Office

The Infection Control Office works in close co-operation with the Hospital’s infections committee in the implementation of the relevant Government Gazette (388, 18/2/2014) regarding the prevention and control of infections.

It is the point of reference for any issue regarding prevention, control and transmission of infections not only within the Henry Dunant Hospital Center but also in the community, as well.

Telephone: (+30)2106972378

Call Center: (+30)210-6972000


Director of Nursing Service: : Dalingarou Olga