Genetics Clinic

The new Genetics Clinic offers diagnostic and genetic counselling services to our patients and their families, and of course helps our doctors and units in the genetic investigation of diseases, and in selecting treatments based on the genetic picture of a disease or the genetic variants detected in a patient, as for example in various cases of cancer, where molecular genetics can play an important role in the selection of specific treatments.

Telephone: (+30)210-6972004



  1. The clinic helps in the diagnostic investigation of potentially genetically determined diseases treated in the hospital. For example, a patient with multiple intestinal polyps may be investigated for a possible genetic predisposition, as an examination by a geneticist may reveal undetected symptoms of a syndrome.
  2. The clinic provides coordination and assistance in the interpretation of genetic analysis in patients and diseases that are not necessarily genetic, but whose diseases are affected by genetic changes. For example, the biopsy of a patient with prostate cancer may reveal specific genetic changes that are important for the selection of treatment and disease prognosis.
  3. The clinic coordinates the molecular laboratory investigation for a number of diseases where genetic testing is currently necessary both for the complete control of the condition and its prognosis, as well as to select the right medication and doses (pharmacogenetics). The clinic helps both the patient and the treating physician in interpreting the tests and how to use this data best to treat our patients more effectively.
  4. The clinic provides genetic counselling to patients and their families. Today, there is a great need for providing knowledge and support to our patients with genetic mutations.

Through the clinic, it the clinicians will be able to interact, and research activities and connections with academic centres in Greece and abroad could also be created. There now exists a service that our clinicians are able to contact regarding genetic issues and questions that up until now were difficult to answer.


The clinic is outfitted with the necessary equipment. Genetic studies are sent to specific reference laboratories specialising in genetic diagnostic tests.


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