Visiting info

Visiting Hours

Hospital departments

  • 10:00 - 13:00 and 17:00 - 20:00 - Winter Visiting Hours (16/10-14/4)
  • 10:00 - 13:00 and 17:00 - 21:00 - Summer Visiting Hours (15/4-15/10)

Intensive Care Unit

  • 13:00 - 13:30 and 18:00 - 18:30


Visiting hours should be strictly followed by accompanying carers and visitors.



  • - Visitors should always clean their hands with antiseptic solution when entering and leaving the patient's ward.

  • - Visiting is not allowed to people suffering from a contagious disease, even a common cold, for preventing disease transmission to hospitalized patients.

  • - To protect the health of patients and children visitors, children under the age of 12 are advised not to visit the Henry Dunant Hospital Center hospitalization floors. Moreover, children’s stay on the hospitalization floors is generally prohibited after the end of visiting hours. In any case, minor’s visiting the hospitalization floors should be done after consultation with the patient’s treating or supervising physician.

  • - Accompanying carers who remain in the wards due to special written permission from the treating physician, must ensure that the ward remains clean at all times. Sitting on the patient’s bed, keeping flowers in the wards as well as giving or keeping food, soft drinks and refreshments is not allowed, because these consist sources of microbial pathogens.

  • - Handling of medical equipment (monitors, serum devices, drug infusion pumps, etc.) and pharmaceutical preparations by the accompanying carers is not allowed for any reason.

  • - Any movement of equipment (chairs, armchairs) is not allowed.

  • - Parking is not permitted within the grounds of the Henry Dunant Hospital Center. Entry by means of transport is allowed only to people with disabilities or reduced mobility and to the Kidney Dialysis Unit patients and only following the instructions of the Security staff.

  • - Offering payment to any employee and for any reason is illegal and insulting.

  • - Smoking is strictly prohibited in all areas of the Henry Dunant Hospital Center. (article 16 L. 4633/2019, Government Gazette Α΄161/16.10.2019). Smoking is allowed only in the specially designed covered outdoor area of the Hospital's Main Entrance.

  • - The presence of a private nurse is permitted only upon written request to the Nursing Service Division and from an approved list of private nurses provided by the 1st healthcare District, who meet the legal requirements.

  • - Visitors and accompanying carers must comply with the recommendations/ instructions of the Hospital or the shift Nurse in charge. Compliance with the above is an obligation of all employees, aiming at patient protection and safety.

  • - Accompanying carers and visitors must not make noise, because patients need peace and quiet.
Parking Information

Henry Dunant Hospital Center has 200+ parking spaces on its second basement (-2) and operates daily from 6:00–22:00.

Parking Information
Dunant Hospital

Access to Henry Dunant Hospital Center




Leoforos Mesogeion (Mesogeion Ave.), Scholi Astynomias Stop or Henry Dunant Stop:
Α5   Anthousa – Agia Paraskevi – Akadimia
Β5   Agia Paraskevi – Alexandras Ave., - St. Larisis
046    Mousio - Ellinoroson

Kifisias Avenue, Erythros Stavros stop:
550    Delta Falirou – Kifisia
602   Nea Ionia – Kalogreza – St. Panormou (circle line)
610   Ampelokipoi - Filothei
Χ14   Syntagma - Kifisia
Ε14   Syntagma – Ο.Α.Κ.Α.- Ypourgeio Paideias
Α7    Kaniggos - Kifisia
070   Girokomeio – Ar. Pagos – Dikastiria Evelpidon

Leoforos Kifisias (Kifisias Ave), Erythros Stavros station:
Line 3 Nea Filadelfeia – Ano Patisia
Line 10 Tzitzifies - Xalandri
Line 13 Lamprini – Plateia Kaniggos – N. Psychiko
Line 14 Papadiamanti – Alexandras - Girokomeio
Line 18 Mousio - Xalandri
Line 19 Mousio - St. Xalandri

If you start form Anthoupoli or Elliniko you will follow the direction to DOUKISSIS PLAKENTIAS/AERODROMIO (Airport) and you will get off at PANORMOU or KATEHAKI stop

If you start from DOUKISSIS PLAKENTIAS/AERODROMIO you will follow the direction to AGHIA MARINA and you will get off at KATEHAKI or PANORMOU stop

If you start from AGHIA MARINA you will follow the direction to DOUKISSIS PLAKENTIAS/AERODROMIO and you will get off at PANORMOU or KATEHAKI stop.

When you arrive at PANORMOU stop, you will follow the exit to Luizis Riancour Street, and you will be on Larissis Street. If you follow this street (also according to the direction of the cars) you will cross Kifissias Avenue (there is a traffic light) and after about 200 meters you will find yourself at the back entrance of Henry Dunant Hospital Center.

When you reach KATEHAKI stop, you will follow the exit and you will find yourself at Katehaki junction. If you follow Mesogeion Avenue towards Athens center, after about 400 meters, you will find yourself at the main entrance of Henry Dunant Hospital Center.


From Mesogeion Avenue (driving towards Athens center): 400 meters after Katehaki junction you will find yourself at the Hospital’s entrance.

From Kifisias (driving away from Athens center): 300 meters after the intersection with Alexandras Avenue you will find the Agias Triados Church. Turn right onto Sliman Street after 300 meters you will find yourself at the Hospital’s back entrance.