Mobile Health Unit (M.H.U.)

Henry Dunant Hospital Center owns a Mobile Health Unit. The M.H.U., is mainly used for Corporate Social Responsibility activities and collaborates with municipal bodies and other organizations to provide preventive health care examinations to citizens who have none or limited access to the healthcare system. Moreover, it covers the medical needs in major sports and other events.

The M.H.U. of Henry Dunant Hospital Center is approximately 50 m² when fully expanded and can cover a wide range of medical cases and needs. More specifically, it has two separate examining beds allowing the clinical examination of two patients simultaneously, an ophthalmological station with relevant equipment for an eye examination and is equipped with technology such as an overhead projector for x-ray scan reading, an ultrasound machine, allowing the medical staff to cover a wide range of medical needs. Finally, it is also fully equipped to perform microsurgical interventions and various blood analyses, CBC and biochemistry tests.