Specialized Centers

Henry Dunant Hospital Center places special emphasis in developing exemplar medically specialized Centers with cutting-edge medical technology, to which the largest international hospital organizations are oriented. This is a new direction that upgrades the physician-patient relationship providing the most reliable, specialized knowledge.

Metabolism & Diabetes Center

Guided by the most up-to-date international practices, Henry Dunant Hospital Center has developed the Metabolism and Diabetes Center.

Phone:(+30)210-6972226 Call Center:(+30)210-6972000

Center of Hemorrhoids and Other Rectal Diseases

This is a model center which is able to quickly diagnose any relative problem and provide appropriate treatment by utilizing the most modern methods, according to international standards.

Phone:(+30)210-6972771 Call Center:(+30)210-6972000

Center for Geriatric Assessment

Henry Dunant Hospital Center, recognizing the increased needs and peculiarities for the effective care of elderly, proceeded with the establishment of the Center for Geriatric Assessment. This is a model Center that offers people over 65 years of age the ability to diagnose and treat a wide range of

Phone:(+30)210-6979185 Call Center:(+30)210-6972000

Center of Pain and Palliative Care

The Center of Pain and palliative Care treats all types of painful syndromes: musculoskeletal pain (e.g. back pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia), neuropathic pain (e.g. neuralgia, vascular and diabetic neuropathy, chronic postoperative pain), cancer pain, etc.

Phone:(+30)210-6972272 Call Center:(+30)210-6972000