Center for Geriatric Assessment

Henry Dunant Hospital Center, recognizing the increased needs and peculiarities for the effective care of elderly, proceeded with the establishment of the Center for Geriatric Assessment. This is a model Center that offers people over 65 years of age the ability to diagnose and treat a wide range of disorders that affect them, such as chronic diseases and geriatric syndromes.

The Center follows up-to-date international practices that have been applied for several decades in large geriatric centers abroad, while it operates in collaboration with treating physicians, respecting the preferences and wishes of the patients, as well as in consultation with their family environment. The Center’s team, consisting of a specialized geriatrician, nurse, nutritionist, physiotherapist, social worker and psychologist, is in direct co-operation with all medical specialties and other health professionals, ensuring a multi-faceted and multidisciplinary approach to the issues arising, offering the best available solutions and interventions.

Telephone:  (+30)210-6979185

Call Center: (+30)210-6972000


Director: Koutsouri Anastasia




Geriatric assessment, which is the main tool of Geriatrics, is the Center’s most important activity. This is a broad term describing the assessment of health, taking into account their medical diseases, the social, psychological and environmental factors as well as their mental health condition. Furthermore, attention is given in performance status both as a parameter to be assessed and as an outcome to be improved or maintained.


Thus, the Center for Geriatric Assessment, through a series of tests (cognitive, mobility, nutritional, etc.) offers the possibility of:

  • global assessment of older people
  • identifying the fields where early dysfunctions are detected in the elderly, so that there is prompt intervention in order to extend their autonomy
  • focused assessment of specific situations that affect the elderly and/or concern their families or their treating physician, such as recurrent falls, unscheduled hospitalization, sudden change in their general condition and performance status.

What are the geriatric syndromes?

Special care is given to the assessment and treatment of the so-called geriatric syndromes, i.e., the conditions that arise in the course of aging.

Examples of such syndromes are:

  • falls
  • deterioration of mental and physical functioning
  • having to take many medications (polypharmacy)
  • weight loss / poor nutrition / cachexia
  • loss of muscle mass (sarcopenia)
  • incontinence
  • dizziness / instability
  • osteoporosis.