The Cardiology Sector specializes in the management and treatment of all types of heart diseases, offering comprehensive services of the highest quality.

It features four highly specialized and fully equipped departments, that perform all medical procedures, examinations and tests that may be required in any individual case, including diagnosis, medical treatment, interventional procedures, hospitalization and postoperative support.

The departments are staffed with leading physicians and specialized nursing staff who provide comprehensive and personalized care for each case, as well as immediate assistance in emergency situations.

1st Department of Cardiology/Electrophysiology and Pacing

The 1st Department of Cardiology / Electrophysiology and Pacing provides diagnosis and treatment for the entire range of heart diseases.

Phone:(+30)210-6972142 Call Center:(+30)210-6972000



2nd Department of Cardiology/Preventive Cardiology and Cardiac Failure

The 2nd Department of Cardiology/Preventive Cardiology and Cardiac Failure is involved in all the various clinical and laboratory aspects of modern Cardiology, enabling it to offer comprehensive services in the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease.

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3rd Department of Cardiology/Interventional Cardiology & Valvulopathy

3rd Department of Cardiology/Interventional Cardiology & Valvulopathy is a fully-equipped and specialized department, with the ability to carry out a wide range of diagnostic and interventional procedures.

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4th Department of Cardiology/Interventional Cardiology and Structural Diseases

The 4th Department of Cardiology / Interventional Cardiology and Structural Diseases of the Henry Dunant Hospital Center covers the entire spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic treatment of adult heart diseases, with an emphasis on the invasive treatment of coronary artery disease, valvular heart d

Phone:(+30)210-6972339 Call Center:(+30)210-6972000