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Press Releases 22/07/2021
Innovative percutaneous heart surgery at Henry Dunant Hospital Center
For the first time in Greece, an effective treatment of resistant angina in patients with coronary heart disease    New ways are being opened for the effective…
Press Releases 24/05/2021
Henry Dunant: 5,900 cases and 1,960 hospitalizations as an NHS on-duty hospital
The voluntary participation of Henry Dunant Hospital Center, the only private hospital in the NHS on-duty services, came to an end today with great success, wit…
Press Releases 19/05/2021
Bloodless aortic valve surgery with the TAVI method in Henry Dunant
With the operation of the pioneering percutaneous implantation center for special biological aortic valves, in which dozens of surgeries have already been perfo…
Press Releases 11/05/2021
Innovative cryoablation for the treatment of atrial fibrillation at Henry Dunant Hospital Center
The innovative cryoablation method that is applied for the first time in Greece at Henry Dunant Hospital Center provides new routes for the effective treatment…
Press Releases 11/05/2021
Henry Dunant Hospital Center: Medical Supporters of the 2021 World Company Sport Games
Henry Dunant Hospital Center - 20 years, devoted to the people Henry Dunant Hospital Center bears the name of the Swiss humanitarian and founder of the Worldwid…
Press Releases 29/03/2021
Agreement between the Hellenic Society of Medical Oncology (HeSMO) and the Henry Dunant Hospital Center
The Hellenic Volleyball Federation is pleased to announce an agreement with one of the biggest private hospitals in Greece, more specifically with the Henry D…
Press Releases 25/03/2021
Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias’ visit to Henry Dunant
Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias, visited “Henry Dunant” on the night of Wednesday, March 24, when the hospital was on duty together with the NHS and the milit…
Press Releases 22/03/2021
How “Dunant” supports the NHS in the battle against Covid
For the first time in history, a private hospital, the “Henry Dunant”, is on duty with all its specialties for non-covid cases, as part of the National Health S…
Press Releases 28/12/2020
Henry Dunant Hospital Center: Innovative operation for arrhythmia and its complications
New routes in invasive cardiology are being opened by an innovative operation performed for the first time at the Henry Dunant Hospital Center, dealing with arr…
Press Releases 07/12/2020
Henry Dunant: Also sending a team of nurses to support the NHS in the “battle of the North”
Henry Dunant Hospital Center, in addition to the team of doctors (physicians, pulmonologists and anesthesiologists) who volunteered to assist in specialized sta…
Press Releases 03/12/2020
The doctors and nurses of Henry Dunant Hospital Center on the front line
Our doctors and nurses continue Henry Dunant’s tradition to volunteer its services in difficult times of our country.  So now, in the second phase of the pandem…
Press Releases 16/09/2020
Free credit-allocating training program
Henry Dunant Hospital Center: Free credit-allocating training program   A comprehensive, high-quality educational program, certified and credit-allocated by the…
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