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Press Releases 26/09/2019
Credit-allocated Educational Program for the period 2019-2020, with free participation, at the Henry Dunant Hospital Center.
A comprehensive, high-quality educational program certified and credit-allocated by the Panhellenic Medical Association (PΜΑ), designed and implemented - with f…
Press Releases 29/08/2019
The Beach Volleyball National Teams at the Henry Dunant Hospital Center
Αn advantageous contract has been signed by the Hellenic Volleyball Federation (HVF) with the Henry Dunant Hospital Center. It includes medical and diagnostic e…
Press Releases 05/08/2019
Collaboration of Henry Dunant Hospital Center with Ethniki Hellenic General Insurance
The agreement signed between Henry Dunant Hospital Center and Ethniki Hellenic General Insurance is moving in a new direction with the aim of maximizing the cov…
Press Releases 25/07/2019
"Bridge to Life" with organ donation for six patients
One of the largest "bridges το life" in greek recorded history was set up from the early morning between Athens and Thessaloniki for six of our fellowmen, start…
Press Releases 18/07/2019
Innovative percutaneous aortic valve implantation at Henry Dunant Hospital Center
New ways to treat high-risk patients with heart disease are being developed with the use of advanced technological means and methods now applied in our country.…
Press Releases 10/06/2019
“Choosing Health”: Photo exhibition and free medical examinations at Henry Dunant to promote the value of prevention
A picture is worth a thousand words as to the necessity for prevention. An image, a snapshot of everyday life can support people’s lives, beyond any advice and…
Press Releases 20/05/2019
European Obesity Day Free clinical examination at the Henry Dunant Hospital Center
Obesity is one of the biggest challenges for public health in the 21st century, as the nexus of diseases associated with it has taken alarming dimensions in the…
Press Releases 23/04/2019
3rd Health Innovation Conference: A revolutionary treatment of acute strokes (video)
The 3rd Health Innovation Conference was held on April 04, 2019 with the aim to highlight the prospects and challenges of the health care sector as a result of…
Press Releases 04/03/2019
Henry Dunant’s Mobile Health Unit at the Nafplio Marathon
As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility actions, Henry Dunant Hospital Center once again actively supported the Nafplio Marathon providing medical covera…
Press Releases 19/11/2018
Donating bone marrow, is donating life!
Are you 18-45 years old and in good health?If so, come to the Henry Dunant Hospital Center on Friday 23rd November at 12:00 to learn about donating bone marrow…
Press Releases 31/10/2018
Conclusions of the Breast Cancer symposium
Breast cancer diagnostic methods have evolved to such an extent that it is possible to detect tumors at a fairly early stage. As a result, surgical procedures h…
Press Releases 15/10/2018
Henry Dunant Hospital Center was re-accredited as an International Center of Excellence in hernia operation.
Henry Dunant Hospital center has been re-accredited by the Surgical Review Corporation (SRC), as a Center of Excellence in the surgical treatment of hernia case…
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