1st Clinic of Internal Medicine

The Henry Dunant Hospital Center’s 1st Clinic of Internal Medicine, offers its services and covers the entire spectrum of activities that require treatment, ranging from the most simple to the most complex internal medicine disease today. Complying with the instructions of the department’s leading internal medicine physicians, the clinic always follows the steps of prognosis (with thorough examination of disease symptoms), of diagnosis using appropriate examinations and utilizing the advanced hospital equipment, and of treatment based on each patient’s needs.

Telephone: (+30)210-6979091

Call Center: (+30)210-6972000

Email: apathology@dunant.gr

Director: Koutsouri Anastasia


A) Management and treatment of hospitalized patients, admitted from the emergency clinics, the outpatient clinics as well as of patients admitted to the hospital following the order of the departmental physicians and the external collaborators of the Henry Dunant Hospital Center.

B) Outpatient clinic care, where our medical and nursing staff monitors patients with chronic or acute diseases, prescribes medication – carries out laboratory tests, and conducts periodic screening tests for each patient according to gender and age.

C) A Diabetes Mellitus Clinic, headed by Mrs. Elena Petsiou, which aims in helping and supporting diabetic individuals to ensure personalized treatment of their problems, active limitation of adverse effects and problem control.The collaboration with the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics significantly contributes to the achievement of the department’s goals. The support includes:

  • Basic study consisting of clinical examination, identification of concomitant data and systematic laboratory testing 
  • Therapeutic treatment based on the guidelines of the Hellenic Diabetes Society, the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD), the European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO) and the World Health Organization (WHO), combining personalized diet and medication with subsequent improvement of diabetic patient’s quality of life and increase of his/her life expectancy.

D) Elderly patient clinic with emphasis on chronic internal medicine problems in close collaboration with all required and necessary medical specialties, such as cardiologists, neurologists, nephrologists and dieticians.

Scientific staff

The staff of the Henry Dunant Hospital Center’s 1st Clinic of Internal Medicine, is an important factor in its day-to-day smooth operation and high-level of response to our patient's needs. At the same time, the clinic’s staff undergoes continuous update training by participating at the Hospital's educational activities, case presentations and treatment protocols, while on a regular basis it attends international and Greek conferences. For more information as well as documented answers regarding issues that concern you or are related with the department, please contact our secretariat via the email address or the telephone number provided below at the respective working hours.

P. Pappa, (+30) 210-6979091, p.pappa@dunant.gr

Medical Staff