1st Internal Medicine – Oncology Clinic

The Clinic is staffed by specialized physicians with excellent scientific training and many years of experience who provide comprehensive care to the oncology patient.

Moreover, the members of the nursing staff who are trained on the oncology field provide high quality services and ongoing support to the patients.The main concern of our staff is the patient's integrated care, which is achieved through continuous training, proper guidance, co-operation and task allocation.

Telephone: (+30)210-6972979

Call Center: (+30)210-6972000

Email: a.oncology@dunant.gr

Director: Varthalitis Ioannis - Isidoros


Α. One Day Clinic (ODC)Full day hospitalization and patient service.Medical therapeutic procedures ODC:

  • (Chemo)therapy administration via peripheral vein or catheter, Port a Cath, or peripherally inserted central catheter – PICC Line
  • Packed red blood cell (blood transfusion), or platelet (platelet transfusion) administration
  • Pleural fluid, ascitic fluid paracentesis


B. Hospitalization in the Department of Oncology (duration of hospitalization >12 hours)

It mainly deals with patients who receive planned treatments of > 12 hours in duration, or emergency admissions requiring hospitalization (treatment of adverse reactions, oncologic emergencies, infections, etc.).


C. Oncology Council

Advantages of the Oncology Council: Multidisciplinary patient treatment, application of the patient's treatment plan, assessment of the overall course of the disease, modification or discontinuation of the treatment plan, application of uniform and acceptable medical protocols, prevention of under-treatment and non-beneficial diagnostic procedures and interventions, promotion of medical education.


D. Research

The research therapeutic protocols provide benefits to patients, medical - nursing staff and the hospital center. We briefly mention: Access to innovative treatments, access to non-marketed drugs, coverage of patient diagnostic tests


E. Training

Educational events (conferences, seminars, symposia, etc.).

Medical Staff