Plastic Surgeons' Team - Head M. Fragkoulis

The skin tumor clinic is an innovation of the HDHC, in the context of the prevention, early diagnosis and proper treatment of skin tumors and melanoma. 

The Plastic Surgeon team that staffs the clinic, headed by Dr. Frangouli Mario and his colleague Dr. Daskalaki Maria-Anna, is the most specialized in the field of skin cancer and melanoma treatment.

We rely on our many years of experience so as the patient and his/her family to benefit through the early diagnosis and treatment of skin tumors.


The team of the skin tumor clinic, offers modern techniques in the medical treatment of oncological patients from the stage of diagnosis, final surgical treatment and plastic reconstruction to the possible referral to other specialties for the future monitoring of their disease.

Our goal is prevention, optimal treatment and the wider communication of knowledge on skin oncology.


  • Examination room in the Outpatient Clinics with provided equipment (examination bed, magnifying glass, lighting, change kits, etc.).
  • Use of the minor surgery department at the Outpatient Clinics.

Medical Staff