8th Clinic of Orthopedics

The Henry Dunant Hospital Center’s 8th Department of Orthopedics, staffed by a team of renowned physicians with long-term experience, treats trauma cases of all forms and severity, acute or chronic bone and joint diseases, dysfunctions, deformities and painful musculoskeletal syndromes with personalized therapeutic approaches, innovative, non-invasive methods and modern surgical techniques.

With utmost respect for the needs of our patients and with the support of our human resources and infrastructure, we are working to reduce pain, regain functionality, accelerate recovery and return to daily activities by combining the good practice of classical methods with modern applications of therapeutic, surgical and regenerative medicine. Our goal is to offer prevention and symptomatic remission, as well as to address the causes of problems in order to achieve a faster improvement of our patient’s quality of life.


In addition to the treatment of the entire range of the orthopedic clinical practice in pathology, traumatology, surgery and restoration of the functions of the musculoskeletal system, our multi-disciplinary cooperative group is also specialized in orthopedic subspecialties, such as sports injuries, upper extremity, foot, knee and spine, large joint reconstructive surgery, arthroscopy, regenerative and biologic treatments, osteoporosis, diseases of the developing skeleton, treatment of elderly patients and chronic pain, based on recent therapeutic advances advanced surgical methods and pioneering biotechnology.

The 8th Department of Orthopedic Surgery & Bone and Joint Restoration is trying to provide a comprehensive, high quality care by taking full advantage of the tireless willingness for contribution, the dedication and scientific training of our team to treat every patient who is hospitalized, examined or monitored in our outpatient clinics for prevention and treatment of their condition.

Medical Staff