1st Clinic of Plastic, Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery

The 1st Clinicof Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery offers services aiming at the successful realization of all the aesthetic interventions, as well as the effective treatment of complicated reconstructive problems. With an experienced medical staff, a high degree of specialization, exclusive innovations, continuous monitoring and briefing on current scientific developments, the Department adopts modern methods with the highest safety indices, constantly pursuing the most natural aesthetic result, the fewest possible incisions and the shorter operating and recovery time for each patient.

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Director: Bitzos Ioannis


  • The entire spectrum of aesthetic facial and body plastic surgeries
  • Surgical wound repair
  • Surgical correction of congenital deformities
  • Surgical restoration of oncology deficits
  • Restoration of functionality of pathogenic areas of the face or body

In this context, the Department has successfully carried out a large number of interventions regarding the following:

  • Transfer of muscle, muscle flaps or myocutaneous flaps to cover exposed tissue when a skin deficit exists, for example in the head, neck, brain, lung and bronchi, esophagus, tibia, lower extremities etc.
  • Restoration of facial bone deficits
  • In melanoma treatment with lymphadenectomy
  • Throughout the range of excision and restoration of skin carcinomas.


Aesthetic Surgery

  • Aesthetic Facial Surgery
  • Aesthetic Breast Surgery
  • Aesthetic Body Surgery


Reconstructive Surgery

  • General Reconstructive Surgery
  • Vascular / Neural Microsurgery


Face lift & neck LiftThanks to the lifting method that we use, we achieve:

  • Drastic limitation of the required incision
  • Improvement in the overall facial and neck area skin tightening
  • Renewed, relaxed and youthful skin appearance without altering the anatomy of the face
  • Balanced and harmonious final result, with combined topical liposuction, lipotransfer or blepharoplasty, if needed.



Rhinoplasty reshapes the nose so that it is in harmony with the morphology and anatomical structure of the rest of the face, restores lesions from injuries or accidents, and addresses the malformations of the diaphragm. The techniques used are:

  • “Closed” Rhinoplasty, where the surgical incisions are positioned inside the nostrils. It is the most common technique that we use.
  • “Open” Rhinoplasty, where necessary.



The intervention that leads to a more relaxed and youthful appearance, since: the excess skin is removed from the upper and lower eyelids. Sometimes the lower lid blepharoplasty is performed without skin removal using an incision on the inside of the lower eyelids. Excess fat is removed, if any.


Otoplasty – protruding ears

The position of the prominent (protruding) ears is restored, through an incision which is made behind the ears. The part of the cartilage of the ears is reconstructed in specific and individualized anatomical sites.


Injectable materials (hyaluronic acid, Βοtox)

The use of injectable materials, approved by the world-renowned FDA, in a controlled amount so that their administration is not apparent, restores the firmness and elasticity of facial skin resulting in smoother wrinkles and grooves making the face look younger.


Breast augmentation

Through small surgical incisions we place silicone breast implants that are absolutely safe for the patient’s health and we achieve symmetrical breasts that are in harmony with the rest of the body. The aim of breast augmentation is for breast implants to appear natural so as to create a smooth transition from the chest to the breast. The breast implants we use are FDA approved and do not present a contraindication for breast feeding nor they interfere with mammograms.


Breast lift (mastopexy)

Two types of mastopexy techniques are used: the periareolar mastopexy technique or the vertical mastopexy technique in which a periareolar incision is accompanied by another small vertical incision. It is often combined with the placement of small silicone breast implant. This technique restores the severe ptosis, deflation and flattening of the breast shape. It involves lifting of the nipple, mammary gland shaping and the removal of loose skin from the breast.


Treatment of breast asymmetry

Restores the symmetry of the breast by combing other techniques depending on the individualized needs of each patient.


Breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty)

This procedure is carried out in order to correct disproportionally large, often sagging, breasts (breast ptosis). The procedure offers smaller breasts and an aesthetically pleasing breast contour that is in harmony with the rest of the body. It is specifically indicated in cases where megalomastia causes severe back pain, shoulder pain or breast pain or causes recurrent dermatitis under the breasts.


Breast reconstruction following mastectomy

It consists one of the highly specialized areas of our department. It aims in the formation of a breast following mastectomy and is carried out either directly (at the same time as the mastectomy) or at a later time, especially in cases where radiation therapy is indicated. It is performed using tissue expanders and silicone implants, which is the most common form of reconstruction or it can be carried out by autologous reconstruction using tissue from the patient’s body.


Treatment of Male Gynecomastia

It is performed by removing excess fat and glandular tissue and/or skin from the chest area. Liposuction is commonly used in combination with other surgical techniques, so that the incision is limited to the nipple area preventing it from being visible.



We successfully perform all the techniques used in abdominoplasty depending on each patient’s body needs, such as limited (mini), full or extended abdominoplasty. The techniques, which in some cases, are combined with liposuction result in restoring loose abdomen by removing excess skin / fat and reconstructing the abdominal wall through suture plication.



By choosing the most advanced and recognized liposuction methods, we achieve local removal of increased fat accumulation in different parts of the body and improvement of body proportions. It is usually carried out in the abdomen, the buttocks and the thighs.


Body contouring following Massive Weight Loss

It improves the areas of the body that have undergone extensive skin laxity following massive weight loss due to dieting or bariatric surgery – gastric surgery procedure (e.g., gastric bypass surgery, gastric banding). Extensive cosmetic body contouring is often required and, in some cases there is an increased need for revision procedures often requiring the patient to be subjected to secondary or even tertiary procedures for outcome optimization.General Reconstructive Surgery at Henry Dunant Hospital Center treats a number of pathological conditions, such as extensive defects (skull, chest, abdominal, limbs), skin cancers (melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma), benign skin malformations and burn treatment.

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