The Neurotology and Audiology Clinic is one of the few specialized clinics in the country that focuses on the examination of acute and chronic disorders of auditory function (dullness of hearing, deafness, tinnitus), as well as balance and orientation disorders (vertigo, dizziness, gait instability, migraines, drop attacks). By taking full advantage of the international healthcare experience on Neurotology and by constantly updating its knowledge and acquiring new skills on the advances of medical technology, medicine and therapeutic methods, the Clinic is able to provide comprehensive health care with effective and personalized treatment of even the most complex cases.

Telephone: (+30)210-6972502

Call Center: (+30)210-6972000


Director: Passou Elpida


  • Detailed patient history and ENT health assessment and physical examination
  • Otomicroscopy
  • Nasal and nasopharyngeal endoscopy
  • Ultrasonography of paranasal sinuses
  • Audiometry: pure tone, high frequency, speech audiometry
  • Tympanometry study
  • Otoacoustic emissions and brainstem auditory evoked potentials: It is applied in specific, difficult-to-detect cases, in order to physical determine the exact site of the damage
  • Tests for vertigo: video-nystagmography, positional vertigo examination, oscillating bearing test, ear vestibular reflex examination, motor / sensory balance control, irrigating labyrinth
  • Tests for tinnitus: determination of the intensity / frequency of tinnitus, study of the possibility of remission of tinnitus (even temporarily with a specific test).
  • Treatment of tinnitus: with alternating semioctave narrow band noise (ΝBN), with continuous heat diaclysm (bithermal caloric test) - Laser, alternatively with a counseling program with technical support and collaboration with a specialist colleague.
  • Treatment of dullness of hearing:

- With hearing aids (following a detailed study of all the parameters necessary for the selection and adjustment of the right earpiece, followed by a trial period) - Invasive treatment (carried out by the Henry Dunant Hospital Center’s Department of Otolaryngology with which our Clinic is in close and bidirectional collaboration)

  • Treatment of acute cases: in acute cases of deafness and vertigo, the patient receives inpatient treatment with administration of the appropriate medication
  • Outpatient treatment: medication, eustachian tube ventilations, technical rehabilitation of vertigo with special handling and vestibular exercises.

Scientific staff

The Neurotology and Auditory Clinic of Henry Dunant Hospital Center is a high-level scientific body, due to the special characteristics of its superior medical workforce, such as training, high degree of specialization and significant research activity in Greece and in an international level. It is worth mentioning the participations in:

  • Scientific Societies
  • Scientific conference, round tables, training seminars
  • the training of medical and paramedical specialties
  • Scientific conferences with specialized analyses
  • Scientific publications


The Henry Dunant Hospital Center’s Neurotology and Auditory Clinic is equipped with all necessary infrastructure required for its specialized and demanding work. Among others, it is worth mentioning that the Clinic:

  • Performs Dynamic Posturography (Equi-Test): which distinguishes the origin of the balance disorder in relation to the visual system, the vestibular system and the deeper sensory system
  • Participates in the screening: of people working in a noisy environment
  • Provides its expertise: judicial expertise, insurance consulting expertise, retirement planning expertise.

Medical Staff