1st Clinic of Cardiac Surgery

An internationally acknowledged center of excellence, reputable for its high success index. With more than 400 cardiac operations annually, it is also actively involved in global developments, with lectures, live surgery abroad, and the organization of international congresses, such as the outstanding 2008 Annual Congress of the World Society of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeons in Kos.

It features the unique and innovative “pi-circuit” (π-graft) bypass technique, inspired and invented by the Director of the Clinic, which consists of a beating heart surgery, no manipulation on the ascending aorta and with the use of composite arterial grafts.

This technique has demonstrated excellent results in high risk individuals, such as octogenarians, patients with pulmonary disease, diabetics and patients with renal and carotid disease who are subjected to surgery with minimal risk.

The clinic also carries out the most modern mitral valve repair techniques, aortic root aneurysms, heart valve replacement and treatment of heart failure by applying the “Prapas Procedure”.

Telephone: (+30)210-6972877

Call Center: (+30)210-6972000

Email: akrx@dunant.gr

Director: Prapas Sotirios


  • p-Graft technique in coronary surgery: Off pump bypass surgery (with no use of extracorporeal circulation), aorta non-touch (no manipulation on ascending aorta), total arterial revascularization (using both internal mammary arteries)
  • Prapas procedure in cases with impaired LV function after Myocardial Infarction. A triple help with off pump bypass, external reshaping of the LV geometry (plication) and stem cell implantation from the patient’s bone marrow around the infarcterd areas.
  • Heart valve surgery with emphasis on their repair (MVRepair, TVRepair), replacements (AVR, MVR), using advanced prosthetic valves and minimally invasive techniques (mini incisions), as appropriate.
  • Supplementary Ablation for the treatment of atrial fibrillation during mitral valve surgery.
  • Surgical treatment of aortic aneurysms, such as valve sparing aortic root replacement (Tyron-David procedure) or not (Bentall procedure), as well as ascending aorta and aortic arch aneurysms.
  • Surgical treatment of congenital heart defects in adults.
  • Surgical removal of heart tumors (myxomas, etc.)
  • Treatment of chronic adhesive pericarditis.
  • Reoperations of the entire range of cardiac surgery

Clinical interests:

  • Specialization in the treatment of the entire spectrum of coronary artery diseases by applying the above-mentioned innovative techniques.
  • Specialization in mitral valve repair, mini sternotomy aortic valve replacement, placement of unsupported biological valves in cases of small aortic valve ring, and across the spectrum of re-operations.
  • Clinical research regarding the use of stem cells in cardiac surgery.
  • Retention of an electronic follow up database regarding the postoperative course of patients with a biostatistics group.
  • Training center for conducting training seminars, practical laboratory skill training and research, in collaboration with recognized colleagues and centers abroad.
  • Participation in research programs (Η2020) conducted in the European Union


The department is fully equipped with all the technological instrumentation needed to carry out its most critical work, such as:

  • Fully equipped operating rooms
  • State-of-the-art medical devices
  • Ultrasound system for transesophageal echocardiogram
  • Cerebral oximetry
  • Monitor for continuous cardiac output and SVO2 monitoring
  • Centralized telemetry monitoring at the hospitalization floor

Medical Staff