1st Clinic of Breast Surgery

The 1st Clinic of Breast Surgery is an exemplar, modern medical center specializing in the female breast. It provides comprehensive services related to breast health including both the diagnosis and treatment of various conditions. The Clinic’s primary objective is the early diagnosis of breast cancer. Early diagnosis is the most important weapon in preventing cancer, as it can even lead to cure of the disease.

Telephone: (+30)210-6972427

Call Center: (+30)210-6972000

E-mail: breastunit@dunant.gr

Director: Polychronis Athanasios


The 1st Clinic of Breast Surgery of Henry Dunant Hospital Center provides comprehensive services including prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases. In this context, the medical staff of the Breast Center team globally addresses each patient case, ranging from clinical examination to pre-operative diagnosis and identification of lesions as well as planning the necessary surgical treatment and post-operative treatment.

  • Digital mammography with the new Digital Mammography System (Selenia Dimensions, Hologic's Avia), the newest and most complete model of its class.
  • Breast ultrasound – elastography with high resolution ultrasound machines. 
  • Stereotactic lesion detection. 
  • Magnetic Resonance Mammography. 
  • Bone scintigraphy – Sentinel lymph node with the new γ- camera, the newest and most complete model of its class in Europe. 

At the same time, the Clinic has special laboratories, specialist consultants and collaborates with all the indicated medical departments of Henry Dunant Hospital Center such as:

  • The Central Pathology and Cytology Laboratory, which offers comprehensive study of each type of lesion as well as documentation of its biological specifications. This will lead to the final decision regarding any appropriate treatment. 
  • The Oncology Department, involved in decision making for preoperative and post-operative treatment. It also undertakes and follows all existing international therapeutic protocols. The involvement of the Oncology Council offers the best documented, multidisciplinary, treatment needed. 
  • Specialized Consultants – Geneticians to provide appropriate instructions for both patients and their families. 
  • Psychological Support Team before and after surgery. 
  • Consultant Radiotherapists
  • The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department for postoperative support and guidance. 
  • Specialized Plastic Surgeons who enable the conduct of any form of reconstruction following mastectomy.


In the context of the continuous upgrade of Henry Dunant Hospital Center's biomedical equipment with state-of-the-art technology, the Clinic operates with the most modern, at a global level, Digital Mammography System in the world.

Medical Staff