Henry Dunant Benefits Card

Henry Dunant Hospital Center has created a new benefit card exclusively for you, with which you can have direct access to physicians of all specialties, specialized centers and clinics, as well as to a number of tests which are performed with state-of-the –art devices.


Henry Dunant’s new benefits card is provided at no cost and without any obligation from your part, is issued immediately and ensures:

  • Direct identification, which means faster service in all payment counters.
  • Access to exclusive privileges and benefits, such as:
  • 10% discount for visits to physicians, diagnostic tests and medical procedures (excluding medicines, materials, physician’s fees)15% discount on all Check Up packages
  • Government Price List (in accordance with the Hellenic Government Gazette) in imaging studies such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Computed Tomography, and Triplex
  • Additional special offers exclusively for benefits card holders, for which you will be informed at regular intervals
  • Update on useful health-related scientific issues, as well as informative material about our news and actions, through our Newsletter


How does the card work?

Just by demonstrating the card to the payment counters during your visit to Henry Dunant. Demonstration of the card is necessary to access the exclusive privileges you are entitled to. 

Does it apply to all specialties? 

The card is valid for all medical specialties, for visits to registrars and medical directors both. You can use it to visit the outpatient clinics and in emergency cases as well. 

Can this card be used by other members of my family? 

No, every card is unique and can be used exclusively by its owner. The Henry Dunant Customer Service Department (Monday – Friday, 08:00-15:00) is able to immediately and easily issue an exclusive card for the other members of your family, always at no extra cost. This is done by displaying their ID card. Issuing procedure takes 10 minutes and the card is provided on the spot. The card is provided to any applicant over the age of 14. 

I lost my card. What do I have to do?

You should report the loss of your card by calling at 210-6972547 or 210-6972409. By calling this number you will also be informed about the card reissue process. Alternatively, you can contact the Henry Dunant Customer Service Department directly and issue a new card on the spot. 


Henry Dunant’s Emergency Department operates daily on a 24-hour basis, while Selected Outpatient Clinics operate for your convenience every Wednesday until 20:00. 

For more information, call (+30)210-6972483 ή (+30)210-6972395.

*Discounts are applied to the private insurance price list only. Card benefits cannot be combined with other promotions or discounts. In case of EOPYY or other Health Insurance Fund use, card discounts do not apply.