Accreditation as Reference Center in Southeast Europe for hernia repair surgery cases

Henry Dunant Hospital center has been accredited as a Center of Excellence in Southeast Europe regarding the surgical treatment of hernia cases, by the internationally recognized health care leader organization, Surgical Review Corporation (SRC).
In this context, Henry Dunant Hospital Center is the first accredited Center in Southeastern Europe and in Greece.
Moreover, the medical team conducting hernia repair procedures has also received accreditation. This team works under the supervision of Dr. Marios Papoudos, Director of the 1st Department of Surgery of Henry Dunant Hospital Center.

Surgical Review Corporation (SRC)

SRC is an Independent Non-Profit Organization, based in the US and certifies hospital centers worldwide, based on their high level and the advanced methods applied for Hernia Repair.

Accreditation criteria

HDHC’s international accreditation as Center for Excellence in Hernia Operation was completed after many months of data collection and thorough monitoring of dozens of hernia repair cases that were managed by the hospital center. Henry Dunant Hospital Center has already begun to welcome surgeons from various countries across Southeast Europe for medical training seminars.

More specifically, the following criteria were evaluated:

  • Number of interventions performed at HDHC
  • Adherence to specific procedures, before, during and after surgery
  • Postoperative course of the patients
  • Index of complications and re-hospitalizations

The accreditation is renewed every two years. Its renewal requires an on-site evaluation of the hospital’s medical team, facilities, equipment and procedures.

Driven by the international accreditation, HDΗC’s surgical team acquires direct liaison with leading surgical centers, exchange of experience on the basis of specific cases and a constant information stream regarding progress and innovation concerning the field of hernia repair. 

Accreditation is the result of:

  • Extensive experience in hernia repair
  • Assessment of HDHC ‘s facilities, equipment, procedures and records
  • Compliance with strict procedures (Clinical Pathways)
  • Adopting high quality criteria
  • Continuous training of medical and nursing staff
  • Continuous assessment
  • Use of the latest and most appropriate meshes


International Educational Seminars

In the context of the accreditation, HDHC has also become an international training center for hernia repair for surgeons from abroad.

The first training seminar took place in February 2016 and since then it is repeated on a regular pre -scheduled basis. The seminar includes scientific meetings and workshops that include attending laparoscopic and open surgeries. 

The seminars are attended by surgeons who are interested in acquiring specialized knowledge of new methods for surgical hernia repair.