2nd Clinic of Gastroenterology

6th Floor - Building A





  • Head, 2nd department of gastroenterology ENHC 2015-
  • Vice-president Hellenic Professional Union of gastroenterologists 2013-2016
  • Scientific Director Evgenideion Hospital 2008-2011
  • Scientific Consultant Gastroenterology Clinic of Evangellismos Hospital 2008-2010
  • Scientific Consultant Evgenideion Hospital 2006-2008


  • Training in Gastroenterology from Evangellismos Hospital 2002-2006
  • Medical degree from Medical School of University of Crete 1995

Recognitions & Awards

  • Fellow, European Board of Gastroenterology and Hepatology 2017
  • Scholarship from Vardinogiannion Foundation 1990-1991
  • Scholarship from IKY (Hopital Civil, Strasbourg 1992-1993)


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  • Idiopathic colonic varices; a case report and review of the literature Simvoulakis E, Viazis N, Pipis P, Stefanidis G, Avgerinos A Acta Gastroenterologica Belgica Nov 2005 25(3):289
  • Factors predicting failure of percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy to control gastroesophageal reflux in mechanically ventilated patients E.Simvoulakis, A.Tsapalos, K.Tsatali, D.Tiniakou, A.Dimitrakopoulos, E.E. Douzinas Gut Suppl 2005 No VII Vol 54;A95
  • Peripheral lymphocyte subsets alterations and surface activation markers in irritable bowel syndrome A.Tsatali, O.Livaditi, M.Symvoulakis, E.E.Douzinas Gut Suppl 2006 No V Vol 55;A289
  • The role of circulating microRNAs as novel biomarkers in diagnosing colorectal cancer: a meta-analysis. Rokkas T1, Kothonas F, Rokka A, Koukoulis G, Symvoulakis E. Eur J Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2015 Jul;27(7):819-25. 

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