General Surgeon
Bersis  Nikolaos

4th Clinic of General Surgery


  • Director of the 4th Department of General Surgery, Henry Dynan Hospital Center
  • General Surgeon in Hospitals, Social Insurance Organizations and as a Freelance Professional, with about 5.000 surgical interventions of all kinds and categories, to date
  • Rural Doctor at the Health Center of Chrysoupolis County of Kavala (1985-1986)
  • Doctor at the Military Hospital of Samos (1984-1985)


  • Graduate of the Faculty of Medicine, Timisoara University, Romania (1983)
  • Diploma Thesis: Treatment of Parkinson's Disease
  • PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE LICENSE: Athens County, Department of Hygiene (15/05/1984)
  • Specialty of General Surgery, 1st Surgical Clinic of GEORGIOS GENNIMATAS Regional General Hospital (1987-1992)
  • General Surgeon Specialty Title obtained on April 1992



  • Specialization in theoretical and practical treatment of surgical war diseases and “Βasic Life Support” tutoring to soldiers
  • Specialization in vascular surgery diseases by attending the first seminar of "Hellenic Vascular Surgery Society" and obtaining a diploma after examinations (1989)
  • Specialization in Laparoscopic Surgery (1992) with more than 1000 surgical procedures to date
  • Specialization in the use of Laser CO2 (1994) with about 700 small and medium procedures to date
  • Specialization in the treatment of hernias (2004) using a special method of mesh placement without hospitalization with about 150 procedures to date.
  • Specialization in thyroid gland surgery (2006) using Minimal Invasive Assisted Thyreoidectomy method (MIVAT)
  • Specialization in treating rectal conditions (especially hemorrhoidopathy) using the HAL technique with approximately 700 procedures to date

Recognitions & Awards

  • PhD thesis of the University of Athens (in progress), Title of thesis: "Action of anesthetic drugs in rat’s and rabbit’s small intestine”
  • Participations in Greek and International Scientific Conferences:
  • 7th Balkan Congress of Sports Medicine 1987
  • 16th European Congress of Cytology 1988 Budapest, Hungary
  • «Fine needle Aspiration Cytologic Diagnosis of Amoebic Hepatic Abscess. A case report», Annual Symposium of recovery 1988, 2nd Surgery Clinic of the University of Athens, Aretaieio Hospital. XVI Panhellenic Surgical Congress 1988, Hellenic Surgical Society.
  • Life-long member of the American Historical Society
  • Engagement with local government in Heraklion, Attica
  • Involvement in painting and fine arts


Participation in Greek and International Scientific Conferences, while his doctoral dissertation for the University of Athens on "Anesthetic drugs in rats and rabbits" is under way.

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