2nd Clinic of Surgery

The 2nd Surgery Clinic - on a regular and emergency basis provides 24 hour responsible and professional, evidence-based quality medical services (evidence-based Medicine), concerning the field of non-transplant General Surgery.  Our clinic collaborates with all the Departments and Clinics of HENRY DUNANT Hospital Center, while at the same time maintaining scientific communication and collaboration with recognized Clinics abroad (Centres of Excellence and Expertise) for the management of difficult and intractable cases. The 2nd Surgery Clinic implements, as internal operation, a morbidity-mortality registry at regular intervals, which is announced and made available to the HENRY DUNANT Scientific Council, as a method of self-control and Quality Control. The Clinic is actively involved in the meetings of the HENRY DUNANT Oncology Council, where it presents its oncology cases. It is staffed by medical staff with certified training and proved experience in their field of practice both in Greece and abroad. In particular, the Clinic’s medical staff has certified training in Oncology, Endocrinology, Proctology, Bariatrics and Minimally Invasive (Laparoscopic-Endoscopic) Surgery. In addition, the Clinic has a specialist Psychologist for the needs of patients and their environment. The ultimate goal of the Clinic is the coordinated, scientifically documented and multidisciplinary structured (multidisciplinary approach) development of a center of pelvic floor surgery and trans-anal microsurgery within HENRY DUNANT Hospital Center.

Services provided

The Clinic is involved with the surgical treatment of the following:

  • Hernias of the abdominal wall (inguinal hernias, femoral hernias, umbilical hernias, epigastric hernias, postoperative hernias), with open and laparoendoscopic technique
  • Morbid obesity (sleeve-gastrectomy, gastric bypass)
  • Surgical skin conditions – of the subcutaneous tissue (such as surgical excision of benign and malignant skin-subcutaneous tumors with or without the use of skin grafts or flaps, lymph node/sentinel lymph node biopsy, extensive lymphadenectomy, resection of fistulas, soft tissue sarcoma cysts, surgical treatment of melanoma)
  • Surgical conditions of the thyroid and parathyroid glands (such as thyroid tumors, goiter, parathyroid diseases with intraoperative PTH measurement)
  • Surgical breast diseases (breast tumors - mastectomy / lumpectomy, sentinel lymph node biopsy with combined radioisotopic and chromatographic detection, axillary lymph node dissection), as well as regular breast follow-up
  • Surgical conditions of the stomach – small and large intestine (such as tumors, ileus, perforations, diverticulitis, appendicitis, functional disorders of the digestive tract resistant to conservative treatment, inflammatory bowel diseases, such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis), using open or laparoscopic technique.
  • Surgical hepato - biliary - pancreatic diseases (such as liver, biliary, pancreatic tumors, cholelithiasis)
  • Surgical adrenal diseases (adrenal tumors)
  • Surgical diseases of the anus and the pelvic floor (for example, hemorrhoidal disease, perianal abscesses/fistulas, fissures tumors of the anorectal canal, rectal/anal prolapse, enterocele, pelvic floor dysfunction). It must be noted that our clinic staff has certified training and experience in the use of transanal surgical access (TEM, TEM-ESD) for the minimally invasive excision of rectal tumors.
  • Gynecological tumors (e.g. ovarian tumors)
  • Abdominal tumors (e.g. sarcomas, kidney tumors, etc.)


Moreover, our Clinic performs micro-procedures for Port placement for chemotherapy, as well as drainage systems for ascetic fluid collection that is persistent and resistant to conservative treatment (e.g. Pleur-X catheter placement, etc.) 


Telephone: (+30)210-6979135

Call Center: (+30)210-6972000

E-mail: surb@dunant.gr

Director: Anastasopoulos Georgios

Medical Staff