1st Clinic of Surgery

The Clinic following current international developments, successfully manages and treats all abdominal surgical cases. The long-term experience in modern laparoscopic techniques and the excellent cooperation between the specialized medical and nursing staff, ensure top quality services to every individual patient. Almost all procedures are performed laparoscopically resulting in minimal postoperative pain, expedited recovery, brief hospitalization and optimal aesthetic outcome. Characteristic of the continuous development of the departments' services and techniques is its recent international certification as Center of Excellence in Hernia Surgery. It is worth noting that it is the only accredited center in Southeastern Europe and an international center for the demonstration of new surgical techniques.

Telephone: (+30) 210-6972895

Call Center: (+30)210-6972000

E-mail: sura@dunant.gr

Director: Papoudos Marios


The Clinic is dedicated to the treatment of all general surgery diseases with primary emphasis on the colon and rectal disorders. By conducting advanced laparoscopic surgical procedures the department achieves reduction of postoperative pain, shorter hospitalization, faster patient return to daily lifestyle and a better aesthetic result. Characteristic of the continuous development of the departments' services and techniques is its recent international accreditation as a Reference Center for hernia repair.


Colon and rectal surgery

  • Benign and malignant diseases of the colon and rectum with significant reduction in the need of creating a colostomy (catheter)
  • Inflammatory bowel diseases, such as the J-pouch procedure for ulcerative colitis
  • Transluminal ultrasonography studies
  • Treatment of complex rectal fistulas and abscesses with increased safety regarding anal sphincters
  • Surgical treatment of anal diseases. By applying modern, minimally invasive techniques (use of ultrasounds, THD, HAL-RAR) for the safe treatment of all anorectal diseases.
  • Treatment of fecal incontinence


Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery

  • Cholecystectomy
  • Benign and some malignant bowel disease
  • Appendicitis
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease, etc.

Among the most important advantages of the 1st Department of Surgery is the use of advanced Laparoscopic Surgery, which places the department among the medical leaders in our country, regarding a surgical method that consists an alternative treatment of cases that until recently they were treated by incision.


Center of Excellence in Hernia Operation

The Clinic has been accredited and is designated by the internationally recognized health care leader organization, Surgical Review Corporation (SRC), as Center of Excellence in hernia operations. It is the only accredited Center in Southeastern Europe and Greece. The accreditation was deservedly gained with the following evaluation criteria:

  • long-term experience in hernia surgery procedures
  • adherence to specific procedures before, during and after surgical procedure (Clinical Pathways)
  • operating theaters
  • recovery room and procedures
  • anesthesiology division
  • intensive care unit
  • postoperative course of the patients
  • complication and readmission indices
  • use of modern – most appropriate meshes
  • continuous training of medical and nursing staff.


Today, by taking full advantage of the international accreditation, the department’s surgical team directly liaises with leading surgical centers, exchanges experience regarding specific cases and ensures full update regarding each innovation recorded around the field of hernia repair.


All of the above significantly aid in achieving the department’s goal which includes health restoration and improvement of the quality of life and life expectancy for every single patient.

Medical Staff