Nevus (mole) mapping

Melanoma, in other words skin cancer, can be completely curable if diagnosed early. But how do you know if you should see a physician? All moles on a person are similar in shape and color. When you notice a mole that is different - it is dark in color, ill-defined, changing in size, then your body is giving you a sign that you need to see a specialist.  

At the Henry Dunant Hospital Center Dermatology Clinic, the examination of skin lesions and moles is performed with the most modern and reliable examination system in the world, the FotoFinder Vexia 1000, which makes possible the early diagnosis of conditions, such as malignant melanoma and non melanoma skin cancers.

Book your appointment for mole mapping with a free physical examination*.

Detailed mapping packages:

  • Mapping of 1 mole & free physical examination: € 60
  • Mapping of 2-5 moles & free physical examination: € 100
  • Mapping of 6-20 moles & free physical examination: € 150
  • Mapping of more than 20 moles & free physical examination € 200

*mole mapping is a prerequisite for the free physical examination

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