New Generation Digital Systems - Cardioangiography & angiography/neuroradiology

Azurion 7 Μ12

Philips Azurion, the latest technology in ceiling mounted cardiac-angiography systems, (second system installed in Greece) enables the applications of detailed 3D images, heart mapping and navigation (Heart Navigator), as well as reduction of the total examination time (balloons, stents) using a special  application program.

 Its innovative design is based on Image Guided Therapy, which allows easy and effective performance of all diagnostic and invasive procedures, including percutaneous aortic valve replacement (PAVR) and percutaneous mitral valve repair.

With state-of-the-art methods for reducing radiation exposure by  >50% compared with conventional cardiology-angiography systems, the new system meets all the International Safety Guidelines  and is one of the safest in Market  for patients and employees. 

Azurion 7 B20/15

It’s the first new digital Biplane angiography/neuro-radiology imaging system in Greece, based on a new generation Image Guided Therapy platform which allows  easy and effective performance of a wide range of both complex and routine clinical applications with a unique  patient and and user interface.

 Benefits and advantages:

  • Advanced invasive tools for insightful real-time image guided therapy.
  • Intuitive User Interface, reducing the total examination time by about 20% (based on a published study).
  • 3D Roadmapthree-dimensional vascular mapping for Neuro-rad applications.
  •  Computed tomography angiography technique (CT –Angio), which generates CT images without the need of transfering the patient to the CT room, allows  a wide range of clinical interventions using assistive technology.
  • Real-time needle guidance package for biopsies.
  • Digital peripheral DSA technique (Digital Subtraction Angiography) and peripheral angiography.