3rd Clinic of Urology

7th Floor - Building Α 

Telephone: (+30)210-6979081

Email: t.manousakas@dunant.gr


  • Consultant Urologist – Head of the 3rd Urology department of Henry Dunant Hospital Center in Athens  (2017 - to date).
  • Consultant Urologist – Head of the Urology department of “Evgenideion” University Hospital in Athens (2003 - 2016).
  • Consultant Urologist in the medical center of “Agricultural” bank of Greece from (2003 - 2014).
  • Consultant Urologist - Staff of the Urology department of “Aretaieion” University Hospital in Athens (2007 - 2009).


  • Certification of Completion of Urology Training (October 2001).
  • Full Residency in Urology in the University department of Urology of Athens Medical School in “Laikon” Hospital in Athens (1997 - 2001).
  • Resident in General Surgery in the 2nd department of Surgery in “Tzaneion” General Hospital in Piraeus (1996 - 1997).
  • Medical Degree from the Medical School of the National University of Athens Greece. (1986-1992). Grade: Excellent 87% (upper 5% of classmates).


  • License to perform Urology Ultrasounds after completion of the relative course (November 2003).
  • Specialist Registrar in the Urology department of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS, London, UK (1/2003 till 6/2003).
  • Specialist Registrar in the Urology department of Charing Cross Hospital NHS, London, UK (1/2002 till 12/2002).
  • Fellow of the European Board of Urology (FEBU) after successful participation in the relative European Examinations of EBU (May 2001).

Recognitions & Awards

  • University of Athens Scholarship, funded by the “I. KONTOLEON” bequest, for training abroad. (January 2002)
  • Hellenic Urological Society Scholarship “Apostolos Deliveliotis” for training abroad. (Achieved after successful participation in the relative National examinations in 2001).
  • Societe Internationale d’ Urologie (SIU) Scholarship for training abroad. (September 2001).
  • Succeeded the 2nd highest Score in the European In-Service examinations of the European Board of Urology (March 2000).
  • First Prize for the best poster announced in the 15th Hellenic Urological Congress (September 2000). T Manousakas, E Choremi, K Stravodimos, G Kyriakou, H. Mitsogiannis, I Adamakis, A Giannopoulos. Comparative evaluation of three new molecular urine biomarkers UBC, NMP22 and BTAstat test in bladder cancer.
  • University of Athens Medical School Distinction for graduating having achieved one of the ten highest scores of classmates. (October 1993).
  • Undergraduate Scholarship funded by the “SEV. KASIMATIS” bequest. (From October 1988 till graduation).
  • University of Athens Undergraduate Scholarship, funded by the “ANT. PAPADAKIS” bequest. (From September 1988 till graduation).
  • Distinctions from the Greek National Scholarships Foundation (IKY) for achieving excellent degrees in the academic years 1988-89 and 1990-91.
  • Member of the Athens Medical Society
  • Member of the Hellenic Urological Society
  • Member of the European Association of Urology
  • Member of the Endourological Society
  • Member of the General Medical Council of UK.


I have published more than 20 original papers in international journals appearing in PubMed data base, and these papers have collected more than 500 citations. I have also published more than 10 original papers in Hellenic Urology journal. I have presented more than 100 posters or oral presentations in numerous Greek and International Congresses. Finally I have given more than 30 lectures as invited speaker in various congresses.Most important publications:

  • A. Giannopoulos, T. Manousakas, A. Gounari, C. Constantinides, H. Choremi-Papadopoulou, C. Dimopoulos: Comparative evaluation of the diagnostic performance of BTAstat test, NMP22 and Urinary Bladder Cancer antigen (UBC) for primary and recurrent bladder tumors. J Urol 2001; 166: 470-475.
  • C. Constantinides, T. Manousakas, M. Chrisofos, A. Giannopoulos: Orthotopic bladder substitution after radical cystectomy: 5 years of experience using a novel personal modification of the ileal S-pouch. J Urol 2001; 166: 532-537.
  • T. Manousakas, G. Kyriakou, E. Serafetinides, M. Giannopoulou, A. Kyroudi, A. Giannopoulos: Partial vesiculectomy in an infertile man with seminal vesicle cyst, ipsilateral renal agenesis and cryptorchidism. Urology 2002; 59 (4): 602.
  • C. Constantinides, T. Manousakas, P. Nikolopoulos, A. Stanitsas, K. Haritopoulos, A. Giannopoulos: Prevention of recurrent bacterial cystitis by intravesical administration of hyaluronic acid: a pilot study. BJU Int 2004; 93 (9): 1262-1266.
  • C. Deliveliotis, T. Manousakas, M. Chrisofos, A. Skolarikos, A. Delis, C. Dimopoulos: Diagnostic efficacy of transrectal ultrasound guided biopsy of the prostatic fossa in patients with rising PSA following radical prostatectomy. World J Urol 2007; 25(3): 309-313.
  • SI. Tyritzis, A. Kyroudi, E. Liatsikos, T. Manousakas, P. Karayannacos, N. Kostomitsopoulos, A. Zervas, K. Pavlakis, JU. Stolzenburg, C. Constantinides: Comparison of prolonged warm and cold ischemia on the solitary kidney during partial nephrectomy in a rabbit model. World J Urol 2007; 25: 635-640.

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