Clinical Associate

Blood Bank Department


  • Director Blood Bank Henry Dunant Hospital Center, 2014 up to now
  • Director Hematology Division Henry Dunant Hopsital, 2003-2014
  • Professor of Hematology, Univercity of Patras Medical School 1989-2003
  • Associate Professor, Columbia Univercity Medical School 1979-1982


  • American Board of Oncology 1975
  • American Board of Hematology 1972
  • American Board of Internal Medicine 1972
  • MD, Univercity of Athens 1960

Recognitions & Awards

  • Chairman Board of Directors NATA (Network for The Advancement of Transfusion Alternatives)
  • Member American Society of Haematology 
  • Member Hellenic Society of Haematology 


More than 100, recent publication attached: 

Books: TRANSFUCION MEDICINE Alternatives To Blood Transfusion In Transfusion Medicine(Wiley-Blackwell 2010)

           TRANSFUCION MEDICINE(Parizianos Publ. 2001)


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